Vehicle auctions are held every Thursday, excluding holidays.
Vehicle inspections begin at 8:30 a.m. with the auction commencing promptly at 10:00 a.m.
Vehicle auctions are held every Thursday, excluding holidays, at our facility located at:

1015 N. Mansfield Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90038

Auction Terms of Sale

Click here to read the terms of sale: Auction Terms of Sale


Long Liens: Lien sales for vehicles valued over $4000.00 as defined in section 3071 of the civil code.
Short Liens: Lien sales for vehicles valued under $4000.00 as defined in section 3072 of the civil code.

Current and Upcoming Lien Sales

All auction vehicles have been impounded for various reasons and have not been claimed by their owners. Below is a listing of auction vehicles scheduled to be lien sold.

Current Week Auctions

Make Model Color Body Type Year VIN Auction Date Lien Type
MITS LAN WHI 4D 2014 JA32U2FU3EU013200 3/7/2024 Long Lien
CHEV CAM BLK 2D 2012 2G1FK3DJXC9100165 3/7/2024 Long Lien
TOYT TUN GRY 4D 2003 5TBRT34163S410802 3/7/2024 Long Lien
NISS SEN RED 4D 2012 3N1AB6AP7CL675674 3/7/2024 Short Lien
FORD EPD GRY 4D 1997 1FMFU18L9VLA33244 3/7/2024 Short Lien
HOND ODY SIL VN 2001 2HKRL186X1H565096 3/7/2024 Short Lien
ACUR CL SIL 2D 2003 19UYA42603A008446 3/7/2024 Short Lien
BUIC LCR GRY 4D 2006 2G4WD582561200317 3/7/2024 Short Lien
HYUN ELN GRN 4D 1999 KMHJF35F1XU812438 3/7/2024 Short Lien
TOYT COA BLK 4D 2010 2T1BU4EE6AC519554 3/7/2024 Short Lien
GMC VAN GRY VN 1989 1GDEG25K5K7521566 3/7/2024 Short Lien
TOYT PRI WHI 4D 2007 JTDKB20U577677080 3/7/2024 Short Lien
VESP UNKN BLK MC 2009 ZAPM448F895017956 3/7/2024 Short Lien
ISU TRP BLU 4D 1989 JACCH57E3K8907851 3/7/2024 Short Lien
JAGU XJ6 RED 4D 1994 SAJHX1744RC691107 3/7/2024 Short Lien
MEID CYL BLU MC 2013 LFETCKPDXD1470103 3/7/2024 Short Lien
TOYT ECO BLU 4D 2000 JTDBT1233Y0075641 3/7/2024 Short Lien
MAZD MZ3 GRY 4D 2006 JM1BK143661467195 3/7/2024 Short Lien
LEXS UNKN GRY 4D 1991 JT8UF11E5M0054768 3/7/2024 Short Lien

Next Week Auctions

Make Model Color Body Type Year VIN Auction Date Lien Type
BMW X3 WHI 4D 2007 WBXPC93427WF28418 3/14/2024 Long Lien
HYUN SON RED 4D 2015 5NPE34AF3FH178620 3/14/2024 Long Lien
DODG CHL BLK 2D 2010 2B3CJ4DVXAH260024 3/14/2024 Long Lien
BMW 28I BLK 4D 2009 WBAPH775X9NL82973 3/14/2024 Short Lien
NISS ALT SIL 4D 2008 1N4AL21E68N522461 3/14/2024 Short Lien
HOND UNKN BLK MC 2011 JH2RC5387BK100088 3/14/2024 Short Lien
HOND ODY SIL VN 2007 5FNRL38737B082187 3/14/2024 Short Lien
MERZ 450 YEL 2D 1977 10704412041226 3/14/2024 Short Lien
TOYT AVA GRY 4D 2006 4T1BK36B56U098517 3/14/2024 Short Lien
FORD ECP WHI 4D 2009 1FMCU49339KC39321 3/14/2024 Short Lien
SUBA FOR SIL 4D 2004 JF1SG65664H717052 3/14/2024 Short Lien
CHEV IMP BLK 4D 2003 2G1WH55K239262177 3/14/2024 Short Lien
PONT G5 RED 2D 2008 1G2AL18F387119131 3/14/2024 Short Lien
LEXS RX4 BLK 4D 2008 JTJHW314482064320 3/14/2024 Short Lien
BMW X3 SIL 4D 2005 WBXPA93455WD22545 3/14/2024 Short Lien