Vehicle auctions are held every Thursday, excluding holidays.
Vehicle inspections begin at 8:30 a.m. with the auction commencing promptly at 10:00 a.m.
Vehicle auctions are held every Thursday, excluding holidays, at our facility located at:

1015 N. Mansfield Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90038

Auction Terms of Sale

Click here to read the terms of sale: Auction Terms of Sale


Long Liens: Lien sales for vehicles valued over $4000.00 as defined in section 3071 of the civil code.
Short Liens: Lien sales for vehicles valued under $4000.00 as defined in section 3072 of the civil code.

Current and Upcoming Lien Sales

All auction vehicles have been impounded for various reasons and have not been claimed by their owners. Below is a listing of auction vehicles scheduled to be lien sold.

Current Week Auctions

No auctions for this week.

Next Week Auctions

Make Model Color Body Type Year VIN Auction Date Lien Type
BMW M3 WHI 2D 1998 WBSBK0334WEC38921 6/27/2024 Long Lien
DODG DUR BLK 4D 2001 1B4HR28N31F548445 6/27/2024 Short Lien
NISS VRS SIL 4D 2008 3N1BC11E68L413770 6/27/2024 Short Lien
FORD F15 GRY PK 2003 1FTRW07L23KC37667 6/27/2024 Short Lien
CHEV S10 BRO 2D 1998 1GCCS1448W8164679 6/27/2024 Short Lien
TOYT TAC BLK PK 2000 4TANL42N8YZ632664 6/27/2024 Short Lien
MNNI CPR WHI 4D 2008 WMWMF33598TT66278 6/27/2024 Short Lien
MERZ E32 GRN 4D 1995 WDBA82E8SF336994 6/27/2024 Short Lien
MNNI CPR BLU 2D 2006 WMWRC33546TJ78229 6/27/2024 Short Lien
TOYT AVA WHI 4D 1997 4T1BF12BXVU191465 6/27/2024 Short Lien
DODG V25 GRY 2D 2002 2B7JB21Z62K140689 6/27/2024 Short Lien
TOYT SNA SIL 4D 1999 4T3ZF19C2XU157432 6/27/2024 Short Lien
HOND CIV SIL 2D 2005 1HGEM22535L076429 6/27/2024 Short Lien
JEEP LBY RED 4D 2007 1J4GK48K17W502149 6/27/2024 Short Lien
HOND ACC BLU 4D 2002 3HGCG665X2G706164 6/27/2024 Short Lien