Vehicle auctions are held every Thursday, excluding holidays.
Vehicle inspections begin at 8:30 a.m. with the auction commencing promptly at 10:00 a.m.
Vehicle auctions are held every Thursday, excluding holidays, at our facility located at:

1015 N. Mansfield Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90038

Auction Terms of Sale

Click here to read the terms of sale: Auction Terms of Sale


Long Liens: Lien sales for vehicles valued over $4000.00 as defined in section 3071 of the civil code.
Short Liens: Lien sales for vehicles valued under $4000.00 as defined in section 3072 of the civil code.

Current and Upcoming Lien Sales

All auction vehicles have been impounded for various reasons and have not been claimed by their owners. Below is a listing of auction vehicles scheduled to be lien sold.

Current Week Auctions

Make Model Color Body Type Year VIN Auction Date Lien Type
HOND ACC BLK 4D 2020 1HGCV1F30LA052864 9/28/2023 Long Lien
BMW UNKN GRY 2D 2015 WBY2Z2C54FV392279 9/28/2023 Long Lien
MITS LAN WHI 4D 2014 JA32U2FU3EU013200 9/28/2023 Short Lien
SUBA FOR BLK 4D 2004 JF1SG696X4H745785 9/28/2023 Short Lien
VOLK JET BLK 4D 2011 3VWLZ7AJ6BM371700 9/28/2023 Short Lien
HOND RGL SIL PK 2007 2HJYK16567H529783 9/28/2023 Short Lien
NISS SEN BLK 4D 2014 3N1AB7AP1EL696383 9/28/2023 Short Lien
HOND CIV SIL 2D 1998 1HGEJ7125WL008860 9/28/2023 Short Lien
TOYT TER GRN 2D 1992 JT2EL43A6N0152096 9/28/2023 Short Lien
ACUR UNKN BLK 2D 1999 19UYA2252XL003304 9/28/2023 Short Lien
MERZ LK5 SIL 2D 2002 WDBLK74G72T122801 9/28/2023 Short Lien
HOND ACC BRO 4D 1990 JHMCB7552LC117696 9/28/2023 Short Lien
SUBA IMP BLU 4D 2004 JF1GD70624L506911 9/28/2023 Short Lien

Next Week Auctions

Make Model Color Body Type Year VIN Auction Date Lien Type
HOND ACC GRY 4D 2008 JHMCP26428C014148 10/5/2023 Long Lien
KIA FRT BLK 4D 2019 3KPF34AD1KE034601 10/5/2023 Long Lien
VOLK BUG GRN 2D 2003 3VWBK21C93M438098 10/5/2023 Short Lien
BMW 32I GRY 4D 2003 WBAEN334X3PC11628 10/5/2023 Short Lien
FORD XPL BLK 4D 2006 1FMEU74EX6UB41082 10/5/2023 Short Lien
CHEV MAL GRY 4D 2015 1G11C5SL3FF288272 10/5/2023 Short Lien
NISS MAX GLD 4D 2005 1N4BA41E15C804228 10/5/2023 Short Lien
VOLV S60 BLK 4D 2004 YV1RS64A442371481 10/5/2023 Short Lien
MNNI CPR BLU 2D 2003 WMWRE33413TD69350 10/5/2023 Short Lien
ISU ROD BLK 4D 1998 4S2CM58W7W4376692 10/5/2023 Short Lien
JAGU XTY GRN 4D 2002 SAJEA51D12XC22658 10/5/2023 Short Lien
FORD ECP BLK 4D 2008 1FMCU02Z48KD42060 10/5/2023 Short Lien
FORD FOC BLK 2D 2004 3FAHP31244R106024 10/5/2023 Short Lien
HOND CIV BLK 4D 1998 2HGEJ8641WH500671 10/5/2023 Short Lien