West Hollywood Scofflaw Impounds

Scofflaw Impounds are those impounds where there are 5 or more delinquent unpaid parking tickets.

For this type of impound, a release order must be obtained from West Hollywood Parking Enforcement before your vehicle can be released. West Hollywood Parking Enforcement does not accept payment for outstanding citations due. Please see below for payment options. Once payment has been made, proceed to our facility to move forward with the release process.

For questions regarding release procedures, payment options or to request an Impound Hearing, please contact:

West Hollywood Parking Enforcement
8455 Beverly Boulevard, Suite #400
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 650-6757
Monday through Thursday, 8am-6pm (Excluding Holidays)
Friday, 8am-5pm (Excluding Holidays)

To pay by credit card, please call: (888) 736-7697 (Citation Customer Service Center) Or visit: www.weho.org

Vehicle Impound Hearing Rights

The City of West Hollywood provides a hearing process for individuals who desire to contest an impound.

For your convenience, you may download the Impound Hearing Rights form: West Hollywood Parking Enforcement WHPE Hearing Form

For more information view the Vehicle Impound Information page.